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Under the guidance of Senior Program Officer Jeffrey Rozelle, the 2010 cohort met in San Francisco, Calif., from Oct. 25–26 and the 2011 cohort met in Denver, Colo. from Nov. 1–2.

During their meeting, the 2010 Teaching Fellows interacted with Laura Evans, an expert in differentiation and complex instruction, to explore models of instruction that draw upon the diversity of student strengths in a classroom. Fellows practiced designing lessons that use these principles to better address the needs of their students.

The 2011 Teaching Fellows interacted with University of Colorado at Boulder professor Dr. Erin Furtak. They considered the myriad ways data can be generated and used, and explored how to use data to inform their instruction and enhance student learning. Additionally, Teaching Fellows developed plans for generating more data this year, including how they will use it to inform their teaching and provide information about students’ thinking.


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