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An Honest Look at a One-to-One Classroom

Expectations for technology use in the workforce are steadily rising and, as a result, more and more schools are deciding to invest in one-to-one computing.

Arts Integration in STEM

STEM through the arts engages students and requires less of a leap than you might think! How can the arts illuminate the STEM field, or the other way around?

From the Editors’ Desk: Teachers Telling Truth

We’re in a time in our national consciousness in which, one of my students recently noted, no one is listening and everyone is waiting for the opportunity to speak.

Connection Circles

The fundamental issue I encountered during my first year of teaching revolved around classroom management. During this time, I quickly came to discover being autonomous as a teacher can be both a blessing and a curse.

A False Sense of Student Success

I am about to walk away from two students in need. I am about to turn a blind eye to their needs because of my own frustrations about their situation. I need a reprieve from the constant strain and effort.

#TEACH180: A Window into our Classrooms

How do teachers offer insights into their practices, successes and struggles while simultaneously elevating their voices? #teach180

The Power to Effect Change

This story chronicles the experiences of three teachers—in three different schools, with three different levels of authority—who were working to improve student outcomes outside their individual classrooms.

Being Open to Surprise: Confronting Assumptions…

To be perfectly honest, during the fall of 2012, I wasn’t expecting Jamie (a pseudonym) to be a very good science student, and I didn’t know if Kylie (a pseudonym) could really learn chemistry despite the hours she spent working one-on-one with me. How was I going to teach them?

When Relationship Building Fails

Those nagging thoughts kept me up all night; first just that one night, then the second, and now three nights in a row. Feelings of “I have done everything I could” wrestled in my mind...