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“It’s invigorating to have the opportunity to work with a community of talented, passionate, and relentlessly optimistic educators to improve STEM education in the U.S. Building up the next generation of leading teachers sustains my faith and hope in our future.”

– Joyce Lin, KSTF Program Officer for Teacher Development

KSTF is committed to improving education by investing in the development of teachers as primary agents of educational improvement. And one way we do that is investing in great people to work here. Working here means you’ll be:

  • Trying to improve science and math education: We’re making a difference with and through teachers and are excited about the future.
  • Highly Collaborative: We work in teams to accomplish great things in physical spaces that are designed to accomplish that collaboration.
  • Well-resourced: We’ve got the resources you’ll need to do your best work, and you’ll be treated as the professional that you are.
  • Constantly Improving: We take learning from our work seriously and invest in formatively evaluating what we do.
  • Well Compensated: We pay competitively and offer a full and generous benefits package.
  • Having Fun: We cook meals for one another. We celebrate success together. We like to laugh.

Available Positions