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Kira Maker

2016 Fellow
Envision Academy of Arts & Technology
Oakland, California

Teaching Discipline


Why Biology

“Students ARE biology! I love science and how interwoven it is into students’ lives—they are learning all about them and how their internal and external environments are affecting what they do and see every day”

Professional Experience

For one year, Kira worked as an associate at Close Concerns, a company that writes about diabetes and obesity policy, finance, and medical advancements. In this role, she produced written reports on developments in the field of diabetes and obesity that were distributed to over 60 organizations. She spent another year working as a middle school teaching assistant.

Volunteer Experience

For two years, Kira served as a volunteer soccer coach with the local Boys & Girls Club. Additionally, she led inquiry-based science activities during special museum events as a volunteer at the San Francisco-based Exploratorium.


Kira enjoys trying to learn Spanish, playing basketball and trail running.

Academic Background

  • Stanford University (Master of Arts in Secondary Education)
  • Johns Hopkins University (Post-Bacc/Pre-Med Certificate)
  • Stanford University (Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology)


I love working with students and deeply believe in education as a way for students to be agents of change in the communities that matter most to them.

Kira Maker
2016 Fellow