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Kristina Harkins

2017 Fellow
The Perkiomen School
Pennsburg, Pennsylvania

Teaching Discipline


Why Chemistry

“I think science is fascinating, useful, and life-changing, no matter what the concentration. Whether one studies biology, physics or chemistry, one is looking at how our world works, why it works, and how to use this knowledge to change people’s lives for the better. I hope to share this frame of reference with my students in order for them to see that science isn’t something you learn from a book, but rather science is knowledge that you can use to make ideas come to life.”

Professional Experience

Kristina taught or tutored in some form since she was in high school.

After completing her undergraduate studies, Kristina worked as homeschool teacher for six years. During a brief sabbatical in 2014, she taught conversational English at the Henan University of Technology in mainland China. Upon returning to the country, she spent a year volunteering as a full-time reading tutor with Reading Corps, an Americorps program.

Kristina began teaching at The Perkiomen School during the 2016–2017 school year.


Kristina enjoys reading, cooking, and learning to draw using perspective.

Academic Background

  • University of Maryland (Master of Arts in Teaching in Secondary Chemistry)
  • Morgan State University (Bachelor of Science in Chemistry)


“A teacher's role is to help people figure out where they want to go in life and then to help facilitate that person's journey while pointing out the cool stuff that may be missed along the way.”

Kristina Harkins
2017 Fellow