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Mason Rocca

2017 Fellow
Evanston Township High School
Evanston, Illinois

Teaching Discipline


Why Mathematics

“Math is such an important discipline in which people should have a solid base. I have known many people who have had a negative relationship with math, and it has severely limited them in many different aspects of their lives. I feel like anyone can have a positive relationship with math, and I want to try to help students in this way.”  

Professional Experience

Prior to teaching, Mason played professional basketball for 15 years (14 of them in Italy).

Volunteer Experience

Mason volunteers as a coach to a youth basketball team.


Mason enjoys reading, watching movies and cycling.

Academic Background

  • Northwestern University (Master of Science in Education)
  • Princeton University (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering)


“I am a believer in the concept of a team. As individuals we can only achieve so much, but if we learn to work together, the possibilities for achievement grow exponentially. Working together is not always easy, and it requires many different types of skills. I want my students to learn to work together with their classmates. I want them to learn to be empathetic, supportive, vulnerable and caring towards each other. I also want them to understand the values of working hard, and believing in a growth mindset.”

Mason Rocca
2017 Fellow