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Swetha Narasimhan

2017 Fellow
The Workshop School
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Teaching Discipline


Why Mathematics

“I love the power of deconstructing something people think of as black/white and right/wrong and turning it into a nuanced problem that takes precision, communication skills and problem solving strategies to approach. I also recognize that math is an area that is such an automatic turnoff to many people, particularly women of color, that I wanted to change the way my peers and future students think about math.”

Professional Experience

While pursuing her undergraduate degree, Swetha worked as a teaching assistant for three years. She also mentored first through fifth grade students from Belmont Charter School with a group of peers and later coordinated the mentoring team from Bryn Mawr. She began her career as a math teacher at The Workshop School during the 2016–2017 school year.


Swetha enjoys playing the Indian classical violin, an instrument she’s played for the past 18 years.

Academic Background

  • University of Pennsylvania (Master of Education in Secondary Education: Math)
  • Bryn Mawr College (Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics)



“I wanted to be constantly changing and growing and learning, and I felt like teaching was the perfect field to do that. My experiences working with kids both informally and formally helped me gain a unique perspective on the profession. I was most excited in high school when I was sharing my passions with other people, whether it was my friends or underclassmen, and watching the light bulbs go off in their minds.”

Swetha Narasimhan
2017 Fellow