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Kevin Henson

Senior Fellow
Lenape High School
Medford, New Jersey

Kevin Henson has always had a passion for the sciences and time spent on and around the ocean. He earned a BS in marine science from Richard Stockton College in New Jersey in 2002 and master’s degree in secondary education from Rowan University in 2004.

Before entering teaching, Kevin worked as a consultant for an environmental firm and conducted research in marine science at Rutgers University. These experiences helped Kevin gain knowledge, experience and a deeper passion for the sciences. They also helped inspire him to teach science.

In 2008, Kevin was selected to be an in-district trainer of new teachers to the Lenape Regional High School and now teaches the first year class to all new teachers. Passionate about soccer, Kevin has coached boys’ soccer at Lenape High School since 2006.

An alumnus of KSTF since 2008, Kevin is dedicated to providing his students with engaging and thought-provoking learning experiences and ensuring that students have the ability to articulate their thoughts in a concise, scientific manner. “Engaging in scientific discussion with other fellows and being immersed in cutting edge science inquiry has really made an impact on my teaching, the teachers at my school and the students in my classroom. I am always looking to improve and take my teaching to the next level.”


Taking the time to listen to students’ thoughts and guiding them through the creation of new knowledge is the most rewarding part of being an educator.

Kevin Henson
Senior Fellow