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Lily Xu

2013 Fellow
Crittenden Middle School
Mountain View, California

Originally born in China, Lily moved to Pittsburgh, Pa. with her family at the age of five.

She staunchly believes that equitable education leads to equitable opportunity. Crediting teachers as the driving force behind much of her success to date, Lily decided to pursue teaching as a profession.

Lily holds a Bachelor of Arts in public policy and a Master of Arts in education, both from Stanford University. While studying at Stanford, Lily participated in a number of activities that combined her interest in public policy and education. As a legislative intern, she researched and wrote memos on financial and education policy. Additionally, she analyzed data for ongoing research regarding school leadership and discipline, and organized teacher trainings, while working as a research assistant at the Center for Education Policy Analysis. Lily also served as a board member for the Stanford Haas Center for Public Service.

Working with students makes her feel alive. Her students are constantly pushing her to think and to make connections, and she is more than happy to return the favor. Lily’s fondest teaching moment happened while teaching a lesson on arithmetic and geometric sequences. When two students who had been struggling with the concept were able to confidently and clearly present their solution to the entire class, Lily was reminded of why she chose this profession. Aside from teaching, Lily enjoys reading, singing and dancing.



As part of the KSTF fellowship program, I look forward to communicating, collaborating, and celebrating with a community of teacher-leaders. I think that together we can help each other to overcome our challenges, and learn to become better teachers and leaders.

Lily Xu
2013 Fellow