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Kirsten Waldrop

2013 Fellow
YES Prep Southeast
Houston, Texas

When Kirsten began her undergraduate studies at the University of Virginia (UVA), her career aspiration was to become a doctor. Kirsten took the required courses, but lacked any real interest in medicine. During her studies, she uncovered a strong interest in chemistry and research. For three years, Kirsten conducted research to complete the structural characterization of drosophila neurons. This experience was invaluable in fostering her love for science and an appreciation of the scientific community.

Kirsten’s college experience was further enriched through her work as a summer camp counselor, a tutor and a mentor. Notably, she volunteered with a group of graduate chemistry students to promote science education and chemistry awareness in the local community. As part of this outreach program, Kirsten brought expert content knowledge to elementary school classrooms. She derived much joy from her community service efforts that involved children. In her fourth year at UVA, she realized that the apparent link between her passions was teaching.

After choosing teaching as her profession of choice, Kirsten decided to continue her studies at UVA as a Leonore Annenberg Teaching Fellow. In August 2013, she will earn a master’s degree in teaching. When she has spare time, Kirsten can be found reading young adult fiction, playing games, hiking, biking and “exploring all things local.”

Through the KSTF fellowship, Kirsten “looks forward to learning new things about chemistry and about teaching.” Her motivation for being part of this fellowship is to be the best she can be for the students who will be a part of her classroom.



I expect to be challenged to think about the decisions I am making in the classroom and to continue to grow my practice.

Kirsten Waldrop
2013 Fellow