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Teresa Long

2013 Fellow
Rush Henrietta Senior High School
Henrietta, New York

As a student at The University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill, Teresa took advantage of the opportunity to travel internationally. During the summer between her freshman and sophomore years, she worked in Guatemala as a third-grade teaching assistant at a small, rural school designed to give “second chances” to students that had left the district’s public school system.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and environmental engineering, she moved to Chicago to start a chemistry Ph.D. program. Careful self-reflection led her to the realization that she didn’t just love chemistry, “she loved seeing others love chemistry.” As such, she made the decision to move back to North Carolina, where she got involved with a new science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) focused high school. She started out as a volunteer and was hired shortly thereafter to work as a full-time tutor and ninth grade substitute teacher.

Teresa hopes to teach in the greater Rochester area after graduating from the University of Rochester with a master’s degree in education. This former competitive swimmer is passionate about bluegrass music, Tarheel basketball, environmental conservation and sustainable living. As a lover of food and food science, Teresa is anxious to incorporate food into classroom learning.

Together with an incredible group of educators and leaders, Teresa knows that she will develop and hone her ability “to take chances, dream big, and step up in unique ways to the challenges presented by the high school science classroom.”



I fully expect that my initial trek into the world of teaching will be a bit of a tight-rope walk, necessitating a perfect balance of flexibility, confidence, and resolve. Instead of taking that delicate walk alone, though, I smile knowing that I will have an incredible group of KSTF fellows, alumni, and mentors as a safety net

Teresa Long
2013 Fellow