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Christopher Anderson

2013 Fellow
West Michigan Aviation Academy
Grand Rapids, Michigan

During his time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Christopher traveled to Uganda with a team of agroecology students. On behalf of the United States Department of Agriculture, the team collaborated with Ugandan graduate students to identify research questions and study locations for future international investigations. On a separate trip to Nicaragua, he taught English at a rural school and worked as a field research volunteer studying the post-disturbance recovery of tropical forests.

Christopher is passionate about growing—and helping others grow—fresh produce in unconventional spaces, to increase access to healthy, affordable food. As the manager of a one acre urban farm in downtown Chicago, Christopher enjoyed sharing his passion with local youth.

While working and pursuing his education, Christopher realized that what he enjoys most is “learning with others and facilitating learning experiences.” He chose to teach science, because there will always be new things to learn, as the body of scientific knowledge continues to grow and change.

When he has downtime, Christopher enjoys rowing, running, gardening, playing with his son, cooking with his wife and fixing old bikes.

At Washtenaw Technical Middle College, he intends to help students build a garden, implement a service-learning project on healthy food and fully integrate food production into an inquiry-based curriculum.

He hopes that being a KSTF fellow will help him to refine his teaching practice and become a more effective educator.



Teachers make knowledge a public good, instead of a private good and, in doing so, create opportunities for justice and liberty to flourish

Christopher Anderson
2013 Fellow