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Rick Barlow

2013 Fellow
Fremont High School
Sunnyvale, California

Lacking an engaging high school mathematics experience, Rick developed an aversion to the subject. Entering Monterey Peninsula College as a biology major, he tried to avoid calculus for as long as possible. Rick was pleasantly surprised when he finally took the course. As he worked with other students to solve open-ended problems, he was inspired by how the class was taught. Realizing the need for high school math teachers that utilize a similar teaching style, Rick decided to become a high school mathematics teacher.

As a Donald A. Strauss grant awardee, Rick started an after-school science enrichment program at an emergency family shelter. His passion for working with under-served populations was born out of this experience.

Rick holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in education, both from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is energized when his students engage in class-wide discussions about how they use different processes to arrive at the same solution—a phenomenon he calls “math fights.”

He looks forward to having a group of people who are passionate about mathematics education with whom he can share teaching successes and failures. When he isn’t in the classroom, Rick enjoys cooking, baking, reading, gardening and outdoor activities, such as camping and hiking.



I think the KSTF fellowship will provide the space to discuss my teaching practice and the teaching practice of my KSTF peers. Over time, I think these discussions will contribute to the evolution of our teaching practice

Rick Barlow
2013 Fellow