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Kelly Crider

2013 Fellow
Pike Central High School
Indianapolis, Indiana

While studying biology and chemistry at Butler University, Kelly took part in several activities that shifted her interests away from medicine and dentistry. First, she was partnered with a “little.” Playing an important role in each other’s lives, Kelly found great joy in introducing her little to new experiences, while also learning from her little’s unique perspective. Second, Kelly worked as a science instructor for the Fresh Air Fund summer camp, a program designed in part to provide free summer camp experiences to youth from low-income areas across New York City. Third, she was granted the opportunity to tutor English Language Learners through the Indianapolis Public School System. Deriving great gratification from helping students make new discoveries, Kelly decided to pursue teaching as a profession.

To enhance her collegiate studies, Kelly traveled abroad to London to study leadership skills. She also took a course in Panama on tropical field ecology. Through a summer research institute, she was able to conduct an ecological study on the dispersal pattern of an aquatic plant in the Indianapolis Canal. Last, she helped to create a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly campus culture as a member of the Council on Presidential Affair’s Green Operations Committee.

After earning a Master of Arts in teaching from the University of Indianapolis, Kelly would like to teach in a high school with great need in the Indianapolis area.

When she isn’t in the classroom, Kelly likes reading, exploring Indianapolis with her little and trying out new recipes with her older sister.



I feel called to teach because I view education as a form of personal and professional empowerment to which every person deserves equal access

Kelly Crider
2013 Fellow