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Sharon Jenkins

2013 Fellow
Marvin Ridge High School
Waxhaw, North Carolina

Sharon fell in love with science while taking biology in high school. With high expectations for all of her students, Sharon’s biology teacher incorporated hands-on learning and challenged her students to think for themselves. This encounter encouraged Sharon to become a lifelong learner.

Her love for science—especially biology—grew, as she matriculated at Winthrop University. The idea of becoming a teacher arose after she was asked to be a biology tutor. Through this experience, she realized “how challenging and yet rewarding it can be to explain concepts to others.” Intrigued by the intellectual challenge, she began to take steps towards becoming a science teacher. Aware of the many important life decisions that adolescents have to make, Sharon chose to work with high school students, so that she can serve as a mentor during this challenging time.

Sharon is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of people around her. In both small and large ways, she has done just that. As a participant in the Rocha Nicaragua service learning project, Sharon taught English to local students and helped rebuild infrastructure in an underdeveloped area. For three years, she helped to coordinate a community-wide yard sale organized to benefit the Levin Children’s Hospital located in Charlotte, N.C. In the classroom, she hopes to impart content knowledge and change her students’ outlook on life.

After being granted a Master of Arts in teaching, Sharon aspires to work in a high-needs school. She expects to develop long-lasting, collaborative relationships with other teachers through the KSTF Fellowship. Through these relationships, she anticipates gaining a network of support that will help her to become “a better classroom leader and professional educator.”

When she isn’t in the classroom, Sharon enjoys engaging in a multitude of outdoor activities, including camping, fishing, swimming, snowboarding, rock climbing and horseback riding.



KSTF will help me learn how to become the type of teacher that students remember and appreciate, for making a difference in their lives

Sharon Jenkins
2013 Fellow