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Kimberly Hartung

2013 Fellow
Abraham Lincoln High School
San Francisco, California

An engaging high school calculus class started Kimberly’s love affair with mathematics. Planning to only take a few math classes in college, she was pleasantly surprised by the support she received from the math department, and her fellow students, at Pomona College.

During her undergraduate studies, Kimberly spent one summer working with Breakthrough Collaborative, a national non-profit aimed at preparing under-served youth for higher education, in Sacramento. This experience, along with a two-year stint working with middle school students in the San Francisco Bay Area, drove her to pursue education as a profession.

Kimberly loves when students work together and take ownership of their own learning. Selected to participate in the San Francisco Teacher Residency program, she will be tasked with improving equity and achievement amongst historically underserved students in San Francisco’s highest-needs schools for at least three years.

Her passion for social and environmental justice motivates her interests in a variety of areas, including environmental work, bicycle advocacy, community work, cooking, and gardening. Originally from Singapore—a city rich with culture and diversity—Kimberly has an appreciation for warm weather and good food.

Kimberly is most excited about “joining the incredible, passionate, and collaborative community at KSTF.” She is confident that the connections and resources offered by KSTF will help her to “grow more quickly and become a more effective educator.”



I am excited about entering a profession where I can work with youth and continue learning throughout my career

Kimberly Hartung
2013 Fellow