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Zoe Masters

2015 Fellow
Community Charter School of Cambridge
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Teaching Discipline

Physics and Chemistry

Why Physics

“I think physics is awesome because it involves so many different modes of thinking: playing with mathematical relationships and equations, estimating numbers, using intuition to predict what will happen in real world situations, using experiments to question those predictions, building theories to make sense of surprising experimental results, etc. I believe that my students will be successful if they can take away from my class not only skills, but a mindset of belonging, curiosity, growth and resilience.” 

Professional Experience

Throughout her undergraduate studies, Zoe taught informally as an algebra, calculus and physics tutor. After graduation, she was accepted into the Match Teacher Residency Program, which prepares beginning teachers for success in high performing urban schools. 


 Zoe enjoys yoga, cooking and biking. 

Academic Background

  • Charles Sposato Graduate School of Education (Master in Effective Teaching)
  • Princeton University (Bachelor of Arts in Physics)


Teaching pushes me to grow both intellectually and emotionally. I learn so much from the commitment, curiosity and humor that my students bring every day.

Zoe Masters
2015 Fellow