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Shannon Morey

2015 Fellow
East Boston High School
East Boston, Massachusetts

Teaching Discipline

Physics and Chemistry

Why Science

“My parents inspired an interest in science in me from a very young age. We spent time bird watching, gardening, and exploring the natural world together. Early on, they instilled a love for discovery and exploration and a sense of wonder at our Earth. In high school, my chemistry teacher furthered my love for science and experimentation through his own obvious passion for the subject. I was taken by the idea that you could have a global impact by making new materials to solve major societal issues. In college, I had mentors that shared their unique perspectives and devotion to scientific exploration. Now I am able to share this love for the world around us with my students everyday. I love to see the excitement on their faces as they discover something for themselves.”

Volunteer Experience

During her undergraduate studies, Shannon served as Director of the Michigan State University (MSU) Science Theatre, a student-run outreach center. In this role, she organized and led interactive science demonstrations for Michigan students. During her graduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), she developed and taught a 10-week science program for low-income middle school students. She also raised $30,000 in grant funds for East Boston High School, where she developed and executed recycling and mentoring programs. Shannon performs river clean-up with the Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA). She also involves her students in their work by helping them develop science fair projects connected to the River and partnering them with a mentor who helps them analyze data. Most notably, Shannon is the Co-founder and Organizing Committee Co-chair for ComSciCon, a leading organization that hosts national workshops on science communication skills for graduate students.

Professional Experience

While at MIT, Shannon worked as a General Chemistry Teaching Assistant. She also worked as a Graduate Community Fellow for Women’s Programs. In this role, she organized workshops and panel discussions for female graduate students. Before making the transition to teaching full-time, Shannon served as the Director of Education for Science from Scientists, an organization that offers our nation’s youth exciting, informative and engaging training provided by practicing scientists.

Awards Earned

  • 2010 MSU Robert Clark Kedzie Award for the Outstanding BS Chemistry Major
  • 2010 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
  • 2009 Michigan State University Student Leader of the Year


Shannon enjoys doing DIY home projects, knitting, crocheting, painting, cooking and traveling.

Academic Background

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Master of Science in Chemistry)
  • Michigan State University (Bachelor of Science in Chemistry)




We have a duty to create a society literate not only in its ability to read and write, but one that can understand and interpret scientific data, mathematical equations, political arguments, advertising, and anything that affects the functioning of society.

Shannon Morey
2015 Fellow