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Halimeda Glickman-Hoch

2015 Fellow
Newton South High School
Newton Centre, Massachusetts

Teaching Discipline


Why Mathematics

“I have always loved math. I am drawn to its use of abstraction, and have always loved solving puzzles. I think that teaching math gives one a wonderful opportunity to help one’s students develop these skills while learning to think structurally and critically.”  

Volunteer Experience

Halimeda worked for two years at the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter, where she managed small teams responsible for preparing meals, caring for the physical space, and meeting the needs of guests. As a World Teach Volunteer, she spent one summer teaching math and computer skills in Onankali, Namibia (somewhat north of Ondongwa). 

Professional Experience

Before starting college, Halimeda tutored middle and high school students in math, physics and chemistry at the Brooklyn Learning Center for one year. She has danced in various venues including in a production of Christopher Williams’ “Ursula and the 11,000 Virgins.” Halimeda spent two summers working as a counselor at the Summer Program in Mathematical Problem Solving, where she supervised, guided and supported 38 rising eighth graders inside and outside the classroom. Additionally, Halimeda worked in an administrative capacity as a Junior Counselor, Residential Advisor at Canada/USA Mathcamp, a Mathematics Foundation of America summer program for gifted teens. While studying mathematics at Dartmouth College, she worked as a Teaching Assistant for single and multi-variable calculus. Most recently, Halimeda served as Assistant Director of External Relations for The Mathematics Foundation of America, where her responsibilities included designing and implementing programs to increase the diversity of Canada/USA Mathcamp’s applicant pool, managing and developing an alumni network and ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.


Halimeda enjoys reading, dancing and solving puzzles. 

Academic Background

  • Harvard University (Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics)


Teaching is a continuous challenge. It is stimulating, interesting, and rewarding. Teaching allows me to use my strengths for something that I believe is important. I think that teachers have a chance to help our students learn ways of thinking which will serve them throughout their lives. We can help them grow into themselves. We have a chance to be a launching point, or a safe harbor, or simply a stepping stone for each student who passes through our classroom.

Halimeda Glickman-Hoch
2015 Fellow