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John Maddux

John Maddux

2015 Fellow
Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience
Saint Louis, Missouri

Teaching Discipline


Why Biology

“One of my favorite parts of learning science is discovering connections between phenomena; biology is, to me, the most interconnected of all the sciences. Principles of physics and chemistry are fundamental to biological processes and systems, but come together to comprise something greater than the sum of the parts…life. Biology also stands out as more immediate than the other sciences. While principles of the physical sciences are considered to be applicable across space and time, the biosphere of the Earth is unique to here and now. Though life may exist elsewhere in the universe, the organisms that exist elsewhere, their organization, and their life histories, would be unique. To study biology—and to teach it—has always felt like an opportunity not to be wasted.” 


John enjoys reading science fiction, collecting insects in the Ozark woods and spending time with his wife and son. 

Academic Background

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Master of Science in Entomology)
  • Missouri State University (Bachelor of Science in Biology Education)
  • Missouri State University (Bachelor of Science in Biology)


I hope that my students come away from our time together with a sense of responsibility for their own actions. Success in all endeavors depends strongly on a student taking initiative, making decisions, and adhering to personal values.

John Maddux
2015 Fellow