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Katherine Unruhe

Growing up in a house with two teachers as parents, Katherine often thought about becoming a teacher. Instead of committing to teaching right away, she earned an undergraduate degree in physics and Spanish from Vassar College. Her undergraduate studies were enriched by spending time as an exchange student in Chile, where she volunteered at a local high school. Katherine returned to Chile to teach English after graduation. She enjoyed this experience, as well as her backpacking and volunteering adventures in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica; however, she decided to move back to the states to get involved in science education after two years.

Upon her return, Katherine earned a master’s degree in teaching from Duke University. As a physical science and earth science teacher, she is happy to be able to teach subjects that she feels “are necessary tools in the global world in which we live.”

As a KSTF fellow, she looks forward to “sharing teaching experiences, generating new lessons and examining past experiences.