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KSTF Teaching Fellowships are among the most comprehensive in the nation, combining extensive financial and professional support.

fel1_img1The foundation’s signature program, the KSTF Teaching Fellows Program, awards Fellowships to early-career science and mathematics teachers.

Selection Criteria

KSTF Teaching Fellowships are awarded based on three criteria: the potential to develop the content knowledge needed for teaching, the potential to develop exemplary teaching practices, and the potential to develop the qualities of a teacher leader. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to develop in each of these areas in order to be selected. Once selected, Teaching Fellows focus on growth in these areas over the three phases of the program. 

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KSTF Teaching Fellows Program Phases

The five-year KSTF Teaching Fellows Program is divided into three phases, with each phase building on the next.

PHASE ONE (Years 1 & 2)
Content Knowledge for Teaching

During Phase One, Teaching Fellows inquire into the content knowledge they need to excel in the profession. They also explore various ways to create and support opportunities for student learning. 

PHASE TWO (Years 3 & 4)
Exemplary Teaching Practices
During Phase Two, Teaching Fellows explore ways to determine what students learn and strategies for using this data to improve instruction and student learning. They are supported in using this analysis to design and implement instructional strategies that support learning for all students. By the end of the phase, Fellows are also turning their attention to the ways that they can collaborate on these efforts with colleagues in their school to support improvement beyond their classroom.

Teacher Leadership Qualities 

In Phase Three, Teaching Fellows deepen their understanding of the complexity and power of collaborative relationships. They explore the characteristics of school communities and inquire into their own school communities in order to understand how they can support teacher learning and improvement. They develop their own skills of collaboration and deepen their understanding of themselves as teachers and teacher leaders.

After completing the fifth year of the Fellowship, Teaching Fellows transition to Senior Fellow status. Senior Fellows are encouraged to remain involved with KSTF in a number of ways, including designing and implementing professional development for KSTF Teaching Fellows, attending KSTF meetings, and continuing to participate in our online community. Senior Fellows are eligible to receive support while pursuing National Board Certification. They are also eligible to receive leadership grants to pursue activities that impact education beyond their own classrooms.

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KSTF offers a community of thinkers and helps foster reflective teaching, learning and sharing, thereby furthering the effectiveness of my teaching.  

Allison Stafford
Sequoia High School
Redwood City