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Why a KSTF Teaching Fellowship

If you are a high school math or science teacher who is new to the profession, a KSTF Teaching Fellowship is an opportunity unlike any other.

Our Fellowships provide the financial and professional resources you need to establish the foundation for a successful STEM teaching career.


Supporting Our Fellows in making connections is among the most important work we do.

Reasons to Become a KSTF Fellow

Mentoring and Coaching > Experienced educators will collaborate with you, share ideas and support you through challenges during meetings online and in person.

National Support Network > Connect with a community of over 300 experienced STEM classroom teachers.

Online Community > When you need support, it’s just moments away through virtual conversations in our online community.

Over 50 Hours of Professional Development Each Year > Summer and Cohort meetings bring the KSTF community together to interact with, learn from and provide feedback to each other.

Grants > Apply for grants for classroom materials, leadership activities, professional development and National Board Certification.

Stipends > Fellows receive stipends each year in June, July and August so they can focus on reflection, preparation and professional development. In addition, after completing the first year of the Fellowship, each Fellow receives an annual stipend intended to help offset expenses that teachers incur preparing for the profession.

Benefits for Teachers

*Examples based on prior years; subject to change annually. Amounts represent annual maximums for individual grants for which Fellows may submit proposals.

**After completing first year of Fellowship. This is a stipend intended to help offset expenses that teachers incur preparing for the profession.

There is no cost and no catch to be part of this program. Our goal is to help passionate, dedicated teachers thrive in the profession, lead from the classroom and become agents of educational improvement.