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How You Can Help

Teachers are the key to improving education in the United States, but they need the resources to succeed. You can help by supporting the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation and its teacher community. 

Work at KSTF

If you’d like to support us by working at KSTF, visit our Careers page for a current list of positions available. We are always looking for talented people who are dedicated to improving education and the teaching profession.

Fund Grants for New Teachers

KSTF supports its Fellows by providing grant funding for materials, professional development and leadership activities. Here are a few examples.

KSTF Fellows apply for grants to fund technology and supplies. Examples include technology to support flipping their classrooms, materials to build a school garden, and kits for hands-on instruction about proteins and gene expression.

Our Fellows not only receive professional development from our program, they also receive funding to continue their education through summer courses and seminars. These opportunities range from new teaching methods and tools to extend content knowledge to professional conferences.

We also support our Fellows with a variety of leadership opportunities. Fellows can lead workshops for other teachers at their schools or for KSTF Fellows.

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KSTF has inspired me to be a better teacher. They have supported my continued contact with a mentor and equipped me with curriculum and activities that have made my teaching measurably more effective.

Anne Watson
Montpelier High School
Montpelier, Vermont