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Senior Fellows


Senior Fellows have opportunities to continue leading from the classroom. They also contribute to the KSTF Teaching Fellows Program.

After completing the fifth year of the Fellowship, Teaching Fellows transition to Senior Fellow status. Senior Fellows are encouraged to remain involved with KSTF in a number of ways, including designing and implementing professional development for KSTF Fellows, attending KSTF meetings, and continuing to participate in our online community. 

Senior Fellows Program

After completing the Teaching Fellows Program, Senior Fellows continue to develop as teacher leaders and participate as active members of the KSTF community. For instance, Senior Fellows have the opportunity to:

  • Lead regional meetings and professional development workshops
  • Support Teaching Fellows in their preparation for KSTF’s annual Summer Meeting
  • Participate in KSTF sponsored opportunities to engage in state and national-level initiatives to improve STEM education
  • Lead initiatives in their schools in cooperation with other teachers

In addition, Senior Fellows are eligible to receive:

  • Support while pursuing National Board Certification
  • Leadership grants to pursue activities that impact education beyond their own classrooms

KSTF Senior Fellows are advancing STEM education in high schools and universities across the country. See our Community section for a listing of Senior Fellows and their biographical information.


I became a teacher to share my knowledge and learn from others. KSTF has given me opportunities to grow professionally very quickly and reflect on my teaching.

Andrew Lee
Notre Dame High School
Belmont, California