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Teaching Fellows


KSTF Teaching Fellowships support beginning high school science and math teachers on the path to becoming expert instructors and teacher leaders.

The KSTF Teaching Fellows Program, the Foundation’s signature program, awards exceptional young men and women with five-year early-career Fellowships, empowering them to become master teachers and leaders in education.

Teaching Fellows Program

KSTF Teaching Fellowships are among the most comprehensive in the nation, combining extensive financial and professional support. KSTF Teaching Fellows receive annual stipends, financial support for professional development and grants for teaching materials, leadership and mentoring.

KSTF invests $175,000 over five years in each Fellow to ensure that high-caliber beginning teachers remain in the profession.

Approximately 30 percent of all new teachers leave the profession within the first five years. KSTF maintains a steady teacher retention rate of 95% over the five years of the Fellowship. 

KSTF awarded its first four Teaching Fellowships in 2002. Today there are more than 250 Teaching Fellows and Senior Fellows in 42 states. Since the program’s inception, KSTF Fellows have taught more than 150,000 students.

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I strongly believe that education has the power not only to change an individual’s life, but also to change the shape and direction of our society. 

Christopher Lewine
Everest Public High School
Redword City, CA