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Who We Are

KSTF is dedicated to improving the quality of high school science and mathematics education in the United States through Teaching Fellowships, research and more.


The Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (KSTF) was established in 1999 to increase the number of high-quality high school science and mathematics teachers with the ultimate goal of improving STEM education in the United States. KSTF currently operates three programs that build national capacity for improving STEM teaching, leading and learning: Teaching Fellows, Senior Fellows, and Research & Evaluation.

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Developing Teacher Leaders

In the United States, approximately 30 percent of all teachers leave the profession within five years. The professional benefits of the KSTF Teaching Fellowship address the factors that lead many teachers to leave the profession such as isolation, lack of support, and perceptions that teaching is an easy profession.

KSTF Fellows forge a powerful, like-minded community through regular meetings and online discussions. Mentoring, materials and access to professional development opportunities ensure that Fellows continue to evolve as master teachers and leaders in education.

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A highly accomplished group of educators, KSTF Fellows are redefining teaching by bringing a high level of commitment and enthusiasm to their profession. For example, KSTF teachers have:

  • Brought polar science to students directly from the South Pole while taking part in IceCube, the largest research project ever attempted in Antarctica;
  • Led students to explore the physics of sound by building and performing on their own musical instruments;
  • Worked with students to develop physics-based environmental and sustainability solutions for their community;
  • Partnered with local university to conduct air quality monitoring; and
  • Penned open letter to governor regarding education budget cuts.

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More information about KSTF and our work can be found in the KSTF brochure