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What We Do


The KSTF cornerstone goals describe who we are, what we do and why it matters.

These cornerstones serve as the foundation for designing, evaluating and improving our programs to strengthen the teaching profession and improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.

Murphy_ClassroomDevelop outstanding teachers.

Through the Teaching Fellows Program, KSTF selects exceptionally talented individuals with the potential to develop into outstanding secondary science and mathematics teacher leaders. During the five years of the Fellowship and beyond, KSTF provides its Fellows with countless opportunities to develop multiple dimensions of professional knowledge. The program also reinforces the importance of continually inquiring into and improving their teaching practice.

Be a catalyst for teacher leadership.

KSTF teachers continually develop their content knowledge and teaching methods, so they’re uniquely positioned to sustain their careers as leaders in the teaching profession. With support from KSTF staff, they build the capacity to improve their own practice and engage in activities that help them drive positive change in schools, districts and national arenas.

who2_img3Generate and share knowledge.

All members of the KSTF community have multiple opportunities to systematically study their practice and share what they learn:

  • With each other through discussions, online forums and KSTF meeting presentations
  • With local colleagues through learning communities, professional development seminars and committee work
  • Beyond KSTF by presenting at professional meetings; participating in forums with other practitioners, researchers and policymakers; and publishing their writing for a range of audiences

Build a nationwide professional community.

KSTF supports individual teachers through programs that encourage connections among teachers, other members of the KSTF community and the broader educational community. Participating in a national network of education professionals extends teachers’ access to human, social and knowledge capital, allowing them to make an impact beyond their own classrooms.

More information about KSTF and our work can be found in the KSTF brochure